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About Lion

Founder and Artist of Creative Thoughts in Orlando, Florida

My mission is to create conversations with the world as well as promote personal growth through the expression of words and, most importantly, actions. Practicing my craft for more than 15 years, I aim to inspire others through my poetry, speeches, and written works.

My Beginnings

Before focusing on my craft, I have served with the armed forces and worked in the fields of medicine and personal protection. I also previously owned a nightclub and a food vending business. At some point, I was even employed as a bartender and as a truck driver.

At that moment in my life, I felt that none of my jobs fulfilled me. I had also just left my second wife. I felt as if I were losing at every angle and that the world and everyone in it were against me. 

My Beginnings

As it turned out, I was right. The world and everything within it were against me. I blanked. Sixteen months later, I found myself homeless, without any knowledge of who I am or where I came from.

The events that took place up to that point were dark, cold, and lonely. I understood though that I was never truly lonely; it was only dark until my eyes adjusted. The cold pushed out the negative energy and brought laughter.

In the end, I knew that my soul and the universe chose for me a life of love, peace, and unity. The answers have been given to me internally, and now they radiate externally. The world and all that’s in it are with me.

My Past Performances

I have participated in many open mic events in Florida and Nevada. In addition, I have performed at:

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• Lorna Doone’s Poetry Slam in 2017 (Held in Orlando, Florida and Attended by 100 People)
• Sweetz Comedy Club in 2017 (Attended by 120 People)

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• Judiann and Elyssa Wedding in 2017 (Held in Jacksonville, Florida and Attended by 250 People)

• Night at the Library in 2017 (Held in Orlando, Florida and Attended by 100 People)

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  • M.I.C Music and Ink Uncut in 2017 (Held in Orlando, Florida and Attended by 90 people)

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